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In order to keep annual tuition down, we have several fundraisers that parents can become involved in over the year. When parents and friends participate, Chesterbrook is able to add wonderful programs and events. One of these add-on’s will be an Outdoor Classroom. This area will provide Montessori lessons and materials that live outside and can be used by our students to develop, discover and grow.

Some of our fundraisers can be taken advantage of year round.

Merchant Links: Please note participants must reapply the codes every year.

    We also partner with the following local grocery stores:

  • Giant Grocery Store
    Chesterbrook ID: 04347

    Dates: Program runs from October—March
    Information: Link your Giant card to our ID number with the above link; this will automatically give us A+ Bonus bucks for our school.
  • Harris Teeter
    Chesterbrook ID: 5532
    Program runs from August—May
    Dates: August—May

    Information: Link your VIC card to our school by using the above link and entering our code (also above), or clicking on community and together in education from the site.