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Free the child's potential,
and you will transform them
into the world."

Chesterbrook Primary classrooms in Action!

At Chesterbrook Montessori School we distinguish ourselves by giving each child the opportunity to reach for the stars through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.


Yoga has great benefits for growing children and it is a lot of fun. Children learn to stretch, breathe deeply, relax and concentrate. Yoga can enhance a child’s health, inner peace and desire to exercise. more...


Chesterbrook has several small gardens on the two campuses that include flowers, plants and vegetables. The children learn how to grow plants from seeds, while nurturing and caring for them as they grow. more...


Music is a very important part of our daily life in the classroom. The music is a part of their daily world and it spills over into an understanding of planets, nature, social teachings and so much more. more...


Science is a key contributor in sparking a love of learning in children. Chesterbrook believes that enhancing our community with specific Science teachings gives children a valuable head-start. more...


Spanish lessons are offered in the classroom by integrating the language into everyday experiences. One of our Montessori teachers speaks fluent Spanish, as well as other members of our staff. more...


A child can always find an easel with paint, scissors that help with coordination, pages to color and different writing utensils that all encourage expression and practice. more...