image of an adult interacting with small children

Community Overview

Chesterbrook was established in 1971 and over the last 40 years we have built an extended community that includes a seamless extension of the Chesterbrook teaching staff. This group of people has helped to create the culture that is Chesterbrook Montessori School. That culture is built around music, nature, education and discovery.

  • International Night – A welcome back and welcome to the school that involves the parents and children sharing some of their favorite dishes and traditional recipes. Since we have such a diverse community, this event is organically international. We celebrate with a show or music and break bread as a community.
  • Eagle Bear – A friend from the Apache Tribe in Colorado comes with his children to visit each year. This event includes Native American dancing and storytelling. This is a much anticipated tradition at Chesterbrook and one that is shared during the day with all able participants.
  • Soccer (fall and spring) – Chesterbrook parents and students participate in soccer together afterschool. This is an add-on activity provided by a professional children’s soccer coaching program. It is a chance for parents and students to enhance their social interactions as a Chesterbrook community...and it’s fun.
  • Parent Coffee – Both social and informative, these coffees are hosted by Chesterbrook parents and include the teachers showing the parents some of the lessons their children have and the materials used. These happen several times a year.
  • Bring your Parent to School Night – Twice a year our children invite a parent to have a lesson of their choosing (or two) in their classroom.
  • Holiday Program and Party – An enchanted morning giving parents a taste their children’s love for music, learning and showmanship. Our founder, Judy, brings music to their lives on a weekly basis. This music continues throughout the year, but in December parents get to take part as audience members while their children perform.
  • A Visit from Sanford Jones – A renowned Montessori educator and composer visits Chesterbrook every year. During this time, he sings and discusses music with our children. This event is open to parents.
  • Annual Picnic – The end of the year picnic is a great field-day event with laughs, food, friendship and fun. All parents, siblings and extended family are welcome to share in this event.