image of a childed playing math stamp game at a table

Primary Academic
Full-Day Program

8:30-3:00pm Monday-Thursday;
8:30-12:00pm Friday

"Lunch Kid" Extended Day Option for
Friday 12:00-3:00pm

full-day program iconThe Full-Day Montessori program is designed for both the academic and social needs of the older child, ages 5 through 6. By this age, most children are ready for advanced work in math and language and for longer periods of socialization. Smaller groups allow teachers to present more intensive lessons including art projects and science experiments. Special attention is paid to each child’s strengths and to the areas where additional practice is needed. Written work and handwriting lessons are included to help ease the transition to first grade and to build the child’s confidence.

When the child completes the first two years in a Montessori classroom, s/he will become part of the group of elder classmates whose knowledge and experience in the community will in turn benefit the incoming group of younger children. The older full-day children become the leaders, role models and teachers for the younger children.

Many threads of the Montessori program come together for the child in the third or fourth year. In many ways, it is the most crucial part of the program. For your child to fully benefit from a Montessori education, it is expected that s/he experience the complete cycle of development through age 6 in the Primary environment (the age 3-6 classroom). This means spending staying through the “Kindergarten” year in the Primary classroom. In some cases, a child may even spend four years in the Primary environment.

This cycle fulfills the promise of a Montessori education, and it is a detriment to the individual child as well as to the community when a child leaves before completing the cycle. For this reason, we request that you commit to completing the full three-year (and sometimes four-year) cycle of your child’s Montessori experience at Chesterbrook Montessori School.

The following is a brief overview of the afternoons in our Full-Day Montessori Program:

  • Indoor “Beautiful Lunch” or Outdoor Picnic (depending on the weather)
    • Beautiful Lunch – A favorite Chesterbrook tradition, this activity occurs with the Full-Day Montessori students whenever lunch is held indoors. Even though the children bring their lunches in lunchboxes, they set tables for 2 or 3 students and use real china, glass and flatware for dining. We encourage the children to take their time while sharing mealtime with classmates and teachers.
  • Community Meeting and Classroom Jobs
    • Students have jobs that rotate throughout the year. They work to take care of their community, build leadership skills, and become responsible citizens in the classroom.
  • Outdoor Play
    • Children socialize on the playground work in the garden, and take frequent nature walks.
  • Enrichment Activities
    • Full-day Montessori students have the following special opportunities: Monart instruction (Kindergarten year only), more advanced science experiments, yoga classes, additional music activities, handwriting lessons, and occasional field trips and community service projects.
  • Advanced Montessori Work Time
    • Each day, students have additional time for focused Montessori work in Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Subjects. The teacher has time to conference with each student during the week. Together, the teacher and student look at the progress the student is making and plan work that excites the student and builds his/her skills and understanding.
  • Yoga/Art (depending on the day)